About Us

Headquartered in Uruguay, ROKUTEL Live Streaming is an innovative development company specializing in bringing emerging technologies into the live video streaming industries.

Who We Are

Our technological solutions, offering website owners the means to deliver live video streaming to their remote costumers, in a real-time interactive environment, via our consortium of video streaming, security and data management systems. We believe strongly in sound regulatory systems that ensure integrity and effective business practices, and we continue to promote the tremendous benefits that regulatory oversight provides

Technical Skills

Our Software Development Team employs skilled technicians in software and hardware engineering, alongside creative technical writers, all chosen from amongst the finest professionals found in the Israeli market today. Rokutel Live Streaming was founded by a highly skilled engineer with vast experience in the fields of database development, communicative technologies, data mining, and artificial intelligence (AI), with many years of experience as an engineer for some of Israel’s leading technology enterprises.



Our Marketing Executive and Investor Relations Director have vast experience in marketing analysis and strategies. Joining ROKUTEL Live Streaming after a successful record with one of the world’s largest partner-owned management consulting firms employing 3000 workers in 35 countries. These representation skills open new doors to domestic and foreign investors, as well as developing innovative marketing strategies for the emerging applications under development at ROKUTEL Live Streaming

Value Proposition

ROKUTEL Live Streaming ’s Strategic Partners are ranked amongst the largest law firms in Israel and represent ROKUTEL Live Streaming in all its development expansion and client relations needs. Our consultants head a 200 employee’s investment firm providing global and domestic investment banking and other financial services, managing approximately $2.5 Billion in portfolio account assets.

Working together under the ROKUTEL Live Streaming umbrella, we offer a promising infrastructure for combining innovative technology with bold marketing savvy and strive to boldly go where no business ventures have gone before.

ROKUTEL Live Streaming Leading a new world of streaming application systems and online media delivery solutions.

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